ADDERView RDX 1000IP, Tastaturschublade 1x, 16-port, IP, 17", CATx

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CAT-x basierte-, Multiplattform- KVM over IP 17" TFT Schublade. 1 Benutzer (einer lokal, 1 über IP - Sharing), 16 Server, kaskadierbar. 17" Display mit 1280x1024. RS232 für Powerswitch. Höchste Sicherheit und Performance durch VNC Client. Benötigt CATx Anschlußmodule.

One local and one IP user:
Enables a global user to connect via IP and share access to any of the 16 connected computers.

Global user (IP):
Use Java web browsers or Real VNC client software that, unlike HTTPS web browsers, is designed specifically for secure, high performance KVM over IP applications. Up to 1600 x 1200 resolutions with scalable windows.

LDAP integration plus ADDER.Net management software:
Automating the task of managing your network hardware and authenticating users against your existing LDAP infrastructure.
True multi-platform capability and connectivity:
The RDX 1000 supports any computer platforms with PS/2, USB or Sun keyboard and mouse interfaces.

Weitere Daten
RS232 port:
Integrated RS232 gives you the ability to control other external devices such as power management devices.

Configuration and extension:
The RDX allows you to configure 16 separate users internally with unique access privileges all of which are stored within the switch. Cascading a single CATx 1000 from the unit will enable control of 31 computers from one remote. Expand further simply by using just CATx cable to more units. Cascade connections are automatically detected to support up to 256 computers.

Encryption and authentication:
The enterprise grade integrated KVM over IP switch employs AES128 bit encryption and RSA2048 authentication ensuring your control system remains secure at all times.

Intelligent video thresholding:
ADDER's innovative active de-artifacting technology automatically calculates the ideal threshold for any computer or KVM switch so that video displays are refreshed with optimum immediacy - while "screen junk" is kept to an absolute minimum.

Flexible IP screen scaling:
ADDER solutions provide point-and-click screen scaling, so that users can quickly accommodate target devices running any size display with any aspect ratio. ADDER solutions also allow users to easily override scaling if and when they require unscaled pixel-to-pixel mapping.

Video Modes:
Support for standard PC, Sun and Mac video modes.

Hardware compatibility:
Video, mouse and keyboard for PC, Sun, Mac, RS/6000, Alpha and SGI computers using PS/2, USB or Sun flash upgradable Computer Access Modules (CAMs).

OS compatibility:
Operates with all currently known software and operating systems including all Windows versions, DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, all Sun OS, all Mac OS and NetWare.

Extendable platform:
Cascade with CATx 1000 units to extend the system to 256 computers and a global IP user.

CATx computer connections: all RJ45 style.10/100 auto-sensing Ethernet network port: RJ45.
Power connection: Locking 3 pin connector (12V DC, 5A).
RS232 triggered power switching and syncing: DB9 plug.

Physical design:
Compact 1U high metal case construction for rack mounting
Width: 589mm/17.4", Height: 44mm/1.76", Depth: 650mm/25.6".
Weight: RD1716IPxx 15kg/33lbs, RD1916IPxx 17Kg/37lbs.

Power supply:
Mains adaptor with IEC style power lead (included).
Input: 100-240VAC 0.5A 50-60Hz
Output: 12VDC 5A

0 - 35° C


Optionales Zubehör:
CAM: Computer Access Modules:
CATX-PS2 (PS/2 only)
CATX-SUNA (Sun plus audio)
CATX-CONSOLE (Terminal server)

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